Thursday, March 17, 2011


On Wednesday, I linked up with one of my good brothers, David. We met about two summers ago working at a camp, and really been cool ever since day one. We were just walking around the park, talking about life and how we are going to take over the world. More than anything, it made me realize how we need to appreciate good people and friendships.

I once heard, if you feel like you're the smartest friend out of your group, you need a new group. Friends are supposed to encourage and support, but more importantly let you know when you're wrong, and to help you manifest into who you are to become. It's not so much about being the smartest, but its more about being truly committed to your friendship.

I know it may sound cheesy, but a lot of us dont apply these simple words to our lives.



Alexis B. said...

simply amazing!

Andre' Wagner said...

Thanks Alexis!! :)
I been on your blog by the way.. love the style!

Jasmine. said...

remarkable captures! excited to see more.

Lily Brown said...

DRE! Your photography is beautiful!!

abstractElements said...

Lily, thanks you!! :) I hope you are well.