Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It's amazing to me, that we humans can have so many people in our lives and not even really recognize them. Friendships, relations, and associates are all powerful on so many levels. I truly believe that every person is in our life for a reason, and I guess its up to us to find out why...

Amanda's silent, angelic energy is awesome to be around. We are actually from the same home town of Omaha, and didn't meet until we both moved to NYC. It's crazy because I thought I knew everybody from home! But I basically had a random idea in my head, and she made it come alive...naturally. And even more important than the photography, it's the connection that I try to take advantage of on times like these. We have to be selfish, and get as much as we can out of people.

I sincerely deem that a lot of life is about sharing, and then passing on for those to come. I'm sure you have heard this quote, but I'll say it again... "what we keep to self we lose, but what we give we gain forever"


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