Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GQ & Tissot

Peace to the King Keino B! You have to love people that are all about passing on knowledge and helping out younger brothers such as myself. We lack so much of this in the world that we live in today. Instead of pushing and bringing brothers and sisters along with us, we like to take roads by ourself, and keep things secrete. I have one thing to say to that... "I live in a abundant world, and we can all win", words from another great man, Senyo.

Des and I attended the GQ & Tissot Swiss Watch Collection event at Saks 5th Ave on Tuesday evening. It was filled with a lot of networking and great conversations with many different types of people. We also met some really cool people that we ended up going to a jazz club with later on in the night, those photos will be coming soon.

Something that I took away from this day is confidence! There is a thin line between confidence and arrogance, but the line isn't easily crossed by true and genuine folks. Be confident in yourself, be confident in your craft, and be confident in the universe!

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