Sunday, March 6, 2011

One Accord

On Friday, one of the realist brothers I know... Des came to NYC. I appreciate him so much, because he's a person that makes you better man when you are around him. Going to college together, you can only imagine all the crazy stories we have... stuff to tell our kids one day. Another thing that I appreciate about him and his family so much, is that they always welcomed me in when I came to Chicago. Keeping me grounded and cultured, something that so many people are ignorant about.

Ravi is another one of my brothers from undergrad, a straight up comedian! He's in NY working and building a non profit that is helping many kids in Nepal have the opportunity to continue their education. You should check out the Grassroot Movement in Nepal here.

I'm really realizing that life is so much about sharing.  Sharing stories and experiences that can live on forever. Building with each other, so we can tackle the words problems as a unit. And enjoying each other, because we all have something to offer and give...

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