Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awesome Feature

It's been about 2 months since I moved to NYC, and I can honestly say that things have been really good for the most part. I have so much room for growth, and want to learn everything! I'm putting all my trust in God and the universe, so I know things can only continue to get better.

I have met and and talked to a countless number of folks here in NYC, and I'm continuously being told how vital it is to have connections with people. It seems easy, but I know it's definitely not an easy task. I didn't come to NY knowing a ton of people, and as a matter of fact, a lot of people I knew coming here go to schools that are out of the state or not even close to the city. So that leaves me trusting on the stars to align.

About a week ago I got an email from an awesome lady, Kirstie. She wanted to do a feature of me on her blog (http://eccentricwithoutreason.blogspot.com/2011/03/blogger-interview-abstract-elements.html). I havent done a interview since I was playing ball in undergrad so I was pretty excited.

I dont know where this life may take me, but somehow I'm going to reach the masses, and we will all pay it forward...



MsInnocent said...

2 months only? You've been working hard! Love seeing the city through your lens!

abstractElements said...

Yeah i been trying..thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate you!