Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This week is full of designing, brainstorming and creating. Getting things ready for the next season. Des and I visited Soho on Tuesday...I love the energy in that area. I feel like you can learn so much about style and people by just watching the interactions on the street, you dont even have to enter any stores. Everyone is so comfortable in their own skin, and puts together things that are natural and compliment who they are.

Isn't that what style is all about? Making something that can be high end, or thrifted look like a million dollars, not really because of the brand, but because of you.

Just recently reading an article on Bape, it really made me think about brands in general. Are people actually buying into what they a believe in, or just buying something that seems cool. How many people actually appreciate the art that goes into creating and designing, or is that something that is too minimal to think about in this fast stepping world.

Well, ill leave the rest of this to the pictures...


ProperPosture said...

This post really touches down on what i have really been trying to express for the longest time when it comes to Style vs. Fashion. Style allows us to wear what we want from when we are 20 to 100. Fashion on the other hand tries to dictate to us what to wear from season to season. It great to see a blog that appreciates and understands style. Great images as usual.


abstractElements said...

You are the man!! That is exactly true brotha... if we can get more people like you, we going to be alright. Thanks for the love! Peace.