Friday, April 22, 2011

.. just thoughts.

I think about a lot of different things, throughout one whole day. Between school, my creative world of photography, nerdy, and trying to have money to live.. you can only imagine what those thoughts are; especially living in mid-town manhattan. I live in graduate school housing on 58th, and I really relate to what Lupe said.. about being teased with the upper crust. But hey, who am I to complain..being in graduate school and eating dollar slice pizza everyday is upper crust to most.

In the world that I live in, i feel like I don't have to search for inspiration much. Its the simple things to me. Like yesterday when I was at McDonald, and a brother asked me for some change. Or when I get on the subway, and everybody is sleep. Or even when someone from across the country reaches out to me.

All of it is right. All of it is beautiful. All of it is a beautiful struggle!

With love.


Brandon said...

if you're in LA hit me up so we can shoot.

my work:

Leigh said...

these photos are amazing! i really like what you relates to me a lot, as i am in college in philadelphia right now, and i want to live in new york...but at least 1 dollar ny pizza is pretty good! great stuff :)

abstractElements said...

Brandon, if that trip happens..I will most definitely hit you up brother.

Leigh, thanks for the comment. You have some great photos as well! Let me know if you ever make it to NYC, we can shoot together of something! :)