Friday, April 29, 2011

In due time..

I've been living in NYC since mid January, and in another week and a half, my first semester of graduate school is coming to an end. It's no surprise to me that time is flying by. I had specific goals set on the move here...and I'm not too far off. My art is being appreciated by people that I respect, Nerdy is making great moves forward, I'll get A's in both of my classes and I'm doing my best to continue to challenge myself to be the best man of character I can be. I just haven't got a million dollars yet!! haha

This morning I made it to my train at 7:37am and it departed at 7:39am. I attempted to pull an all-nighter and fell asleep somewhere in the mix. None the less, I went to Yonkers, NY to film Alimi Ballard speaking at Saunders Trade & Tech HS. I had a good time, and Ali is really a genuine, good brother. He's in the movie that come out today, the 'Fast Five'. 

This week I also met with the beautiful people of "The Strivers Row". An awesome management company that has amazing artist that they represent. I'll be doing some artistic direction for them and their artist. It's a beautiful opportunity because what they do aligns up with who I am as a person, and what my art represents. I'm excited to get started and create some magic. 

Stay tuned on my tumblr site as I will be releasing some videos soon. I'm also working on a project that is close to my heart, and I'm look to have it done within the next two weeks. 

As the summer approaches and people begin to enjoy the weather, I'll be in the lab creating! 

Never be outworked! 

One love.   

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