Monday, April 18, 2011

25 years

Twenty-five years ago I was blessed to have life on planet earth. I had no idea where I would be on this day. I could sit here and name all of the things that I have accomplished, where I have been, things that I have done.. but what does that really mean? Does that make me better than anyone else? Will it make me happy about the life that I have lived so far?

On this day, the one thing that sits at the front of my brain is love. I want to love all that I do. So from this twenty-fith year and on, I promise myself to go after all of my dreams and aspirations.. not only for me, but for my brothers and sister. For my family, for my ancestors, for my fellow creators, and anyone that may come after me. Its crazy, because this road that I am going to take is all uncertain and unknown..but I'm ok with that. Because loving and creating is who I am!

a letter from  4/16/11

with love.

(photo by: Rog)

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