Thursday, June 23, 2011

shower of feelings.

The feedback from ‘The Passion Project’ has been pretty overwhelming. I’m glad the project could touch people in such a way. I just want to inspire people to pursue their dreams and aspirations. That’s the goal of it all, and I'll most definitely will continue to do things as such, in artistic and creative ways.

I’ve also had the amazing opportunity to document ‘The Strivers Row’ movement. I’ve started working with them about a month ago, and it’s been all love since. It’s truly a blessing to be in the midst of such great artist, and for the energy to be full of love and geniuses. It’s hard to get that feeling from your own family members, let alone people you just met a month ago.

As I push forward, I want God, the universe, and my spiritual connections with the earth use my art in a way to heal, inspire, and change our standard mold of life. Next week I’ll begin to work on some new projects, and I’m in a great headspace as far as indulging into the art form. Photography is art, but it has been so abused that people don’t see it that way anymore. I hope people see something different when they come across what I do.

In a perfect world, I would hitchhike, create, and love. .. I might just do that. 


Jasmine. said...

"go" is your only gear. :) continue to move, like water.

Clarissa Joan said...

"In a perfect world, I would hitchhike, create, and love."
This quote is so beautiful, because that is the life of Jesus. He walked this earth created and loving (which means sacrificing/giving of yourself for the greater good regardless of the circumstance.)

I will forever be grateful those words. Thank you!