Sunday, June 12, 2011

From Me, To You

I’ve been thinking long and hard about The Passion Project and what it is that I really want to say to you. Feeling like I’m not a strong writer always makes this process hard because I want to articulate how I feel completely. There are so many influences and inspirations behind the concept, and that also makes it hard to decide where to start, and who or what to talk about. But, I want to tell you how I feel right now, at this very moment.

I just came back from getting breakfast near my apartment in New York City, and on my way, I see what looks like a homeless man lying on the ground with his dog. Some people may ask why he has a dog if he’s homeless. But, when hundreds of seemingly happy people walk by you, and your condition goes unnoticed, your dog might mean the world to you. Others may think that this person deserves to be where he is in life, but we don’t know his story, nor do we ask. My thought process was first to ask God for forgiveness for not giving thanks for another day, and second, to thank God for providing me with a meal.

I don’t want to see people struggle. Seeing homelessness, poverty, and pain motivates me to help, to make a difference, and to live life with passion. Everyday in the city, I see hundreds of people. At some point in every single day that I live, I ask myself if the people I see are truly passionate about what they are doing. I know for a fact that passion goes so much further than clocking in and out of work every day, so much further than going to college, so much further than our physical appearance, and definitely so much further than who we are as human beings. Passion is the reason I wake up everyday. Passion is why I am the way I am and why I think the way I think. Passion is the reason why I moved to NYC, it’s the reason I spend countless nights coming up with creative ways to reach people, it’s the reason I traveled to various locations, took hundreds of photos, edited tons of video footage, and worked hard everyday to give all of this to you, with no compensation.

Living a life with passion will change your surroundings and the people that are in your life. Living a life with passion will organically manifest  as greatness in the things you are called to do and the people you meet. It will demand people around you to be and do their best and the energy will multiply tenfold.  So, I guess the only thing I want in return from you, is for you to live harder, to work harder, to love harder, give harder… and to pursue your passion!

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Saturday, June 11, 2011, 1:08PM


Anonymous said...

Life without a passion is not worth living. My last post is about this very topic. Check it out.:)

CC said...

very well said

Hera Nyx said...

I completely agree.

Anonymous said...

And what if you're still wandering what your passion or your true calling is? i've found mine but it took a while though. Nice Blog & Tumblr by the way