Friday, June 3, 2011

Friday Morning

Right now I'm fighting this sickness, but I'll be ok. I'm supposed to be meeting this really awesome painter today, so that should be really cool. And I'm also shooting the last part of my project today. I can't wait to show people what I have been working on for the past month and a half. More importantly, I hope I can really change/impact lives of people.. I mean thats what my art is all about. I hate to be on the surface with things; meaning, I could really care less about clothes/style, status, & who you think you may be. I'm all about spreading love, impacting culture, and helping people reach their maximum potential. Breaking these systems that we are unconditionally trained to be in.
I just want to love & create.. not have to worry about the business side or my art, or worry about where my next meal will come from..

Well, keep pushing & living with passion..


Alice and Gabriela said...

Really love your blog!
Amazing pictures and so inspiring


The PhoeNyx said...

love, love, love ...the knowledge you speak. You are truly going to touch many lives. Keep it Up.