Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm on the metro north right now heading to Yonkers to meet with Marcus & Toya from The Strivers Row. He has some video equipment I'm going to play with, as well as studio lights.  I'm not by any means a studio photographer...but it may be cool to do portraits and stuff. 

I'm also shooting this wonderful artist I met a couple weeks ago. I'm featuring her in my 'Passion Project'. She's a painter and just graduated from Columbia. Should be pretty cool. 

This weekend I realized that I'm not truly happy unless I'm working. Working on my craft, brainstorming creative ideas, studying videography, or at least  talking with other artist. I don't like being taken out of my world and put in bullshit conversations, talking about politics, or people that are content in their systems. None of that shit has soul. None of it has meaning. None of it is helping my people. 

My purpose here is to impact culture. Continue to love and create as an artist. And break systems that will give my people hope! 

Btw: I don't think I want to have kinds, this baby just made everybody on the train switch to the next one... Even me! Haha. 

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The PhoeNyx said...

We must really have to link up, good vibes. I read things you write and smile ...glad to feel the vibes of another.