Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Living in Hard Times

Moving to NYC has been the most humbling experience to say the least. On one corner you can see the richest man in the world, and then across the street you can see a man struggling to stay alive. And to be honest, I can guarantee you that most people here don't even notice it. Society has made it clear that, if your struggling, you have no one but self to blame. "Nothing is structural". hmm.

And then their are people like me, stuck in the middle...trying to find a balance within all of the craziness. I am by no means rich, but I also have a lot more than many people...

The paradigm that I have of the world is a very critical and demanding one. I think the solution is pretty plain and simple. But when you have people exposing those unseen and unknown truths, you have assassination such as JFK and 2 Pac, and mysteriously know one knows who killed them...
Or what about the guy who had the cure to aids, how did he die... better yet, how did know one know of him?

I just don't understand. Like 2 Pac said, there are tons of empty rooms in the white house. And I definitely agree with 'Kids These Days' (band) ... We are living in hard times.

But who am i... i'm just a people lover and a photographer.

Back to thinking of the master plan.


Anonymous said...

I just said that to my friend today. Amazing.

abstractElements said...

yes yes! we have to check the self often. thank for the comment :)