Sunday, February 27, 2011

Gravitational Pull

Yesterday after class I was just roaming around the city. I was really just trying to process a lot of my life as of late. Consuming my whole being with who  I am, which is an artist and a people lover. My "slogan", Love & Create is more of a lifestyle than anything. All things MUST be done out of love, and the universe will align the rest.

With that being said, my afternoon 6 train downdown was pretty awesome. I had a cool conversation with Vince and his friends who are from Miami. Without them saying anything, I could tell that they are pretty awesome photographers and people. He also has captured sweet photo of me that I am waiting for in my email.

I guess I said all that say... Consume all of you, with whom you want to be. Love it, and dont worry about the rest...

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